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My author's approach

I perceive documentary not only as a vigilant observatory with a camera in hand, but also as a reflection on the communicability of the world together with the limits of the observer and the observed.

I work as an independent documentary filmmaker focusing mainly on socio-political issues and social cultural phenomena. Through documents, I like to uncover the often hidden relationships of various social phenomena and actors. For the advantage of creative documentaries reflecting the world is that it can afford to look at or combine phenomena that seem distant or unrelated at first glance. I consider documentary production to be a responsible part of the social debate, and with my approach I strive to problematize what is uncritically considered obvious or short-sightedly natural. The document must attempt the status qua, otherwise it loses its critical dimension.
However, it is often also necessary to offer "only" sufficient space for understanding.

Through the documentary, film speech offers a wide methodological and expressive field, which I like to consider for each topic, but I personally tend to use the method of time-consuming participatory observation. I like to penetrate the environment of (not only ethnic) minorities or social subcultures with regard to their role and position in political or social reality.

A deeper relationship to observation and the unpredictable nature of reality also leads me to the creation, to which I lend the label so-called spontaneous film, using less conventional formats and procedures,


I graduated with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and media studies from Masaryk University in Brno. I continued my master's degree in multimedia in Pavel Starec's studio at FAVU. I am currently studying and creating at the Department of Documentary Filmmaking at FAMU.


In addition to authorial documentary production, I have been cooperating with Czech Television since 2017, where I have produced several documentaries, and co-directed the program Nedej se, and now Artzón. Between 2012 and 2016, I contributed to the online daily A2larm by creating critical docu-reports. The cooperation also connects me with HBO Europe or Memory of the Nation.

The documentary filmmaker should make films out of respect for reality. for the documentary as a cinematic practice essentially returns the viewer to reality.

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